It's A Party!

As a creative organization dedicated to the presentation of live music; Nik Entertainment Co. --Home of Nik and the Nice Guys; the band who brought rock and roll to the Super Bowl-- brings you professional live music for your events! Our bands travel the globe creating a fun-filled party environment by combining mainstream music with theatrics, choreography, costuming and comedy.

Nik supplies upbeat, engaging, danceable entertainment for your corporate event, gala, or special occasion.

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so much energy fun and professional AMAZING crowd interaction AWESOME very talented entertaining excellent costuming HIGH ENERGY got everyone dancing courteous looked terrific ENERGETIC singing with guests very professional interactive very upbeat musicians were great so much fun really got crowd moving AMAZING everyone on the dance floor friendly LOVED THE BAND easy to work with looked amazing vocals were great dancing all night ton of energy engaged the audience they ROCKED PERFECT

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